Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Countdown to the new J.Hintze Photography website and blog. That means this blog won't be the one you're interested anymore. I'm *hoping* to have all the new stuff ready to go in a week. That might be a little too ambitious so we'll have to see how it goes. I'm so excited to have the new site up and running. It's going to be much better and more colorful and just all together cooler. Okay, here are a couple of sneak hints about some things you're going to find on the new site:

- The Beatles
- Green & turquoise
- Original music (not canned stuff you can get anywhere)
- Accordion

Okay, gotta go work some more on the stuff to get it ready.

1 comment:

the_Tmac said...

1. the T-mac is totally on board with your new website. I mean with accordian....you can't go wrong!

2. The Jackson photo a few posts back cracks me up. He is the boy version of my best friend at Roberts. Did your husband have ANY say in the genes?

3. Erin and I would LOVE the list of your tricks to each picture! But even if you teach me all of it, I'm still hiring you to do beach shots when we come to town one day.